Philippe Seranne will perform on his piano-bike at Bochaine’s media library Tuesday, May 31st at 3:00 p.m. He has a large personal repertoire, so which of his songs will he sing? He begins, before pondering, “I don’t really know,” but it will depend on who is there. I’ll adapt. Of course, I carry songs in my bag. It won’t be as big of a concert as I have done in my singing tours.

He also likes the idea of “presenting this particular installation, that is, a piano that can be pulled by a bike.” This date is special for the artist who has been using his bicycle to travel to perform for many years. It will mark the official inauguration of a brand new machine, his first public release. He calls it a “real piano”. He also said that the old one was a genuine one, but it was reduced to six octaves. Straight Schimmel has all of them (seven plus some notes). This bike is more advanced and “better suited for the mountains”, with super-electric brakes, and a supermotor. This event is a festival in and of itself. La Voliere aux pianos, as a pre-opening to the Piano Festival, has scheduled six travelling pianists from the Piano Furie orchestra, who will be traveling through various schools. du Buech. We believe the five other excellent pianists will also be taking their pianos with them in trucks. They will all be there together on the first night of the festival at 8 p.m.

La Faurie has chosen a slightly different format. The school’s special class will visit the media library but everyone will be able to attend the concert/meeting. Seranne is available to accompany him if he wishes. He will be in Montmaur the next morning. He will have his lunch break at Veynes, where he will depart at 1 p.m. for the media library at 2. Without a specific appointment, you can expect to see him somewhere in the niche between Veynes & La Faurie on a bicycle. The artist will begin a long summer tour almost entirely in Hautes-Alpes after Piano du Lac. He will be in Gap on June 8th, with the locals, just before Brianconnais and Ubaye, Queyras… Something for your fingers, or your calves.