They pronounce “Nupsss”, without forgetting the E of “ecological”, which is found in the acronym Nupes, acronym of the New popular ecological social union. Jean-Renaud Ferran, and Gabriele Sibiril, his alternate, wear the colors the LFI-PS-EELV-PCF Union in the seventh constituency. They assure it is not a “facade deal” and gather the left. “Only 33 of the 650 measures we propose remain in discussion. Yes, there are differences. Yes, there will be many groups in the assembly if we win the legislative. We are open to democratic debate. We won’t be like the LREM group, which was a recording room.

To make it even more interesting, rebellious activists and communists as well as socialists will be handing out leaflets to these Gradignan cantons where they believe in victory. Add the votes of our candidates in round one of the presidential election and we get 36%. This is the largest number of movements involved in legislative elections.

Even though Jean-Renaud Ferran had only lived in Gradignan for one year. “I’m not an airman. Pessac was where I studied, ” explains the public finance official whose replacement is still a geography student. Pessac is also where I studied.

Jean-Renaud Ferran chose La France insoumise because of this profile. “I’ve seen the struggles of many people trying to get credit. He also believes that Nupes’ proposals are financially feasible. “Retirement at 60 will only cost 3 billion Euros. The Pensions Orientation Council believes we are on the right track to a balanced economy with the decline in unemployment.

When people go to tow, this speech is heard by Gabriele Sibiril or Jean-Renaud Ferran. “Macron, it is clear that he has been rejected. LREM will not be able to benefit from the same dynamic that it enjoyed during its first elections. The demobilization and apathy of the electorate is our greatest enemy.