Saturday, June 4th, the public can enjoy the harmony of wine and music in the company of La Chapelle Harmonique (Oara), in partnership with the Artistic Office of the New Aquitaine Region. This program is called “In Vino Musica” and will include a tasting of wines that are related to the musical repertoire.

The program was created with Laurent Croizier, a musicologist. It allows you to explore the pieces and airs of the repertoire that wine has inspired. It is in keeping with the exhibit “Wines, music, agreements or disagreements”, held at the Cite du vin de Bordeaux in June 2018.

The many associations that wine and music have had with each other since the Renaissance have had a profound impact on all circles: bourgeois, princely, and common. These symbolic and mythical references are found in great pictorial works as well as in popular imagery, decorations of everyday objects, and in song repertoires, operas, ballets, and operas.

Prices from 8.50 to 24 Euros at the Source, 8:30 p.m. For more information and reservations, please call 05 5722 24 50 or visit