If you are not one of the 61 percent who – according to current statistics – tend to buy their Easter gifts spontaneously, you may already be looking for a little gift for a special woman. Regardless of whether you want to give presents to your better half or sister, aunt or cousin, (best) friend or partner: the following ten tips offer you a colorful potpourri of gift ideas that revolve around the theme of Easter. You may find the right inspiration here.

Flowers are a popular gift, including at Easter. Unfortunately, a bouquet only lasts for a short time – and is of little use to our bees. So why not give away a rabbity greeting that includes local seeds (e.g. bee willow, golden poppies, gypsophila, sunflowers and much more)? The seed balls last for two years and can be sown from the end of March.

Just in time for the upcoming festival, Just Spices has added a suitable gift to its range: An Easter spice box that includes six different varieties made from natural ingredients – from savory to sweet: Red Pesto Spice, Italian Alrounder and Sweet Love are included in the set, as well like three popular bestsellers (Meat Allrounder, Scrambled Egg Seasoning, Avocado Topping).

Do you know that too? With increasing age, there are more and more people who are practically perfectly happy. Giving them gifts is a big challenge – that’s why this Easter notebook with bunny ears is aimed at all “women who don’t buy anything and don’t have any wishes”. The DIN A5 blank booklet contains 100 empty pages that should be filled with life.

Instead of giving colored eggs at Easter, you can also try colored bunny-shaped pasta made from durum wheat semolina. The packaging holds 250 grams of content, which is enough for at least two people. What’s also special is the – admittedly a bit kitschy – sticker with the following slogan: “For the cutest bunny” in combination with a desired name.

A little decoration for Easter never hurt anyone. If you know and want to give presents to a special woman who attaches great importance to seasonal furnishings, a natural Easter wreath to hang up and lie down (or lean against) is just the right thing: It usually consists of various decorative eggs, textile leaves and natural materials.

If you want something sweet, you can also give this themed treat as a gift: the set contains six different Easter eggs made from milk, dark and white chocolate (some may contain alcohol). According to the manufacturer, the chocolates were lovingly made by hand.

Do you like to drink something sparkling with alcohol with your mum, (best) friend or wife? Then you can give this dry White Frizzante Secco à 200 milliliters away for Easter: Not only does the design revolve around the upcoming festival, but also the inscription: Happy Secco – including the desired name of the person to be given the gift.

This tricky Sudoku book in an Easter design is a beautiful and practical gift for puzzle lovers. It contains 150 sudokus in three different levels of difficulty (including solutions), all of which have nothing to do with Easter itself – but that’s not what filling in the empty fields is about. It’s just supposed to be fun.

Why give away nine bars of the finest chocolate individually when you can also make an XXL gift out of them? Packed together, the giant milka weighs an impressive 900 grams and contains the following varieties: three Oreo, three hazelnut and three caramel. In addition, the board can be personalized with a message including a name.

Attention, now it’s getting slippery again: Because this cute bunny is a small sex toy made of skin-friendly silicone for women that is not only waterproof, but can also vibrate. Due to its small size, the bunny toy fits in any handbag and is an ideal companion when travelling.

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