After Francisco Rivera’s controversial statements about Isabel Pantoja sitting on the bench in which he said that “bad people, it is normal for bad things to happen to them”, Kiko Rivera sided with his mother by attacking his brother’s, Carmina Ordonez. This has been the turning point for the right-hander who has decided to put an end to her relationship with her brother. «I need to close that wound and that each one lives as he can. This story is over for me », he said in an exclusive interview with the magazine ‘Hola’.

Paquirri’s eldest son has been fighting for decades to recover part of his father’s belongings which, according to statements by Kiko himself, are stored in Cantora despite the fact that they were said to have been stolen. However, this continuous fight “generates me a lot of pain and distracts me a lot from important things,” he told reporters who were interested in his decision. Thus, he has thrown in the towel because he assures that “living with hope is not good either”. “I’m done with this chapter,” he confirmed.

Paquirri passed away 37 years ago and since then, Carmina Ordóñez first, and the Rivera Ordóñez brothers later, have promoted legal initiatives to try to recover some of the ill-fated bullfighter’s belongings with more sentimental than economic value. Francisco recognizes that his brother is in a complicated situation in the midst of the tonadillera and the Riveras and he knows that on occasions she has interceded with his mother on his behalf, although unsuccessfully, that is why she has decided to definitively end their relationship. that story.