The weather in Germany will be wet, windy and cold in the coming days. “With the start of the new weather week, the calm weather is over for the time being,” said Marcus Beyer, meteorologist for the German Weather Service (DWD) on Sunday in Offenbach. Rain is expected in northern and central Germany on Monday, with snow increasingly mixed in in the south. A snow cover can form in the mountains.

In the northern half there can be stormy gusts – with maximum values ​​of five to nine degrees. The wind is a little weaker in the south, but the maximum temperatures here are only between one and six degrees.

While the weather conditions calmed down a bit on Tuesday night, the DWD is expecting renewed precipitation in northern and central Germany on Tuesday. “Especially in the south-east, snow continued to fall up to mid-level (300/400 m) into the night on Wednesday,” said meteorologist Beyer. In the northern half and in the higher mountains, stormy gusts are to be expected again. On Tuesday, the maximum values ​​​​in the Bavarian Forest are zero degrees and in the Emsland to the Lower Rhine at eight degrees.

The stormy and rainy weather will continue on Wednesday. According to the DWD, there will be heavy showers, thunderstorms and stormy gusts. In the coastal area and in the higher mountains there are gusts of wind, on the Brocken and Fichtelberg hurricane gusts. The maximum values ​​​​are between three and nine degrees.

DWD forecast