Flensburg’s Lord Mayor Fabian Geyer (independent) has sharply condemned the videos of the fire with two dead people circulating on the Internet. “We have seen some of the images that are circulating on the internet,” he said late Thursday evening near the scene of the fire. “You’re caught up in the feelings between incomprehension, anger, anger, speechlessness, that people (…) when others are fighting for their lives (…) enjoy filming it and putting it on the Internet.” It has nothing to do with how a civilized society should behave. It is intolerable.

The police had previously appealed to the population not to share videos of the fire on social media. “People are affected, who of course mourn,” said a police spokeswoman on Thursday evening. According to initial findings, gaffers made videos of the burning house and shared them on the Internet. “We will also consider criminal prosecution.”

The fire in Flensburger Neustadt triggered a large-scale operation by the fire brigade and rescue services on Thursday evening. An adult and a child died in the fire. There were also nine injured.