Individuals are finding it harder to get real estate credit. The rates are rising and banks have eased loan terms a little.

In these circumstances, it is essential to consider the contribution concept. First-time buyers have every right to be attentive to aid that is often not well known in order to avoid a lack or constrained debt ratio. The PTZ (or zero-rate loan) is available to low-income households for up to 40%. It can be financed for a maximum of 130,000 euros and can be extended over twenty, twenty-22, or twenty-five year periods. The PTZ can be combined to other aid such as the Housing Action Loan at maximum 1%, which is granted to private sector workers by Housing Action (now Housing Action) for amounts between 7,000 and 25,000.

A social accession loan (PAS), which is granted at a favorable rate (fixed and variable) to those with low incomes, can cover 100% of the operation. However, it can also be supplemented by a contribution, PTZ, savings loan housing, or other financial aid.

Buyers may also be eligible for subsidized loans, aid from local governments, departments and regions. These aids are available at town halls or on the website for the National Agency for Information on Housing (Anil).