Amsterdam is fighting the excesses of mass tourism with restrictions and bans – now a quiz is intended to familiarize visitors with the new rules of etiquette before they start their trip. The question game in English first aims to clarify why it attracts visitors to the Dutch capital, for example for a honeymoon, a bachelor party, shopping or partying. The question is then asked how the tourists imagine their trip. Step by step, the “Amsterdam Rules” quiz makes it clear to tourists what is forbidden and how they should behave.

For example, anyone who says they want to spend the night in their own car is told that this is forbidden and can result in a fine and high parking fees. “Do you want a guided tour of the red light district?” is another question. Anyone who thinks this is a tempting offer and clicks yes will be disappointed. Such tours are no longer permitted. Anyone who then says they want to party until five in the morning will be rejected again. The bars close at 2 o’clock. An organized pub crawl instead? Also forbidden. Just drift around the city with a beer or joint in your hand – you guessed it, that’s forbidden too.

“Which famous Dutch products do you want to buy?” the quiz continues. Anyone who actually clicks on cocaine instead of tulips or honey waffles – the Amsterdam city administration apparently considers this to be a sought-after, typically Dutch product – will be taught again. Buying drugs on the street is forbidden, the dealers sell adulterated substances, drugs are unhealthy and there is also a risk of a fine. And if you consistently click on everything that sounds a bit forbidden in the question game for long enough, you’ll end up with advice: “It’s a shame, given your preferences, Amsterdam might not offer the experience you’re looking for. Read the guide to find out to find out why.”

The interactive quiz follows an online campaign launched last year to discourage young drink and drug tourists, particularly from Britain, from visiting the city. After the imposition of a cannabis smoking ban in the city center, the famous red light district will soon be banned from the city center.

According to the city, all of these measures aim to keep Amsterdam livable for its residents and to curb the negative consequences of mass tourism. And to reassure you, you can also choose the good answers to the new quiz, then you end up on the “Discover Amsterdam” website with a variety of travel tips.