Esquerra has presented this Tuesday a criminal complaint in court for the ‘catalangate’, the espionage case that has affected some sixty pro-independence leaders. The complaint has been filed by the lawyer Andreu Van den Eynde, who defended Oriol Junqueras in the ‘procés’ trial, and has done so on behalf of the president of the parliamentary group, Josep Maria Jové, and the MEP Diana Riba, who appeared as affected in the list made public by the New Yorker report, based on data from Citizen Lab, an organization of the University of Toronto. The legal action is directed against the Israeli company NSO, owner and marketer of the Pegasus program, and ERC requests in the complaint to the judge that the investigation “focus on the CNI”.

The complaint has been registered in the police court of Barcelona, ​​with a requirement that the cases be forwarded and added to those already open in the investigating court number 32, also in Barcelona, ​​which has been investigating the case of espionage involving Roger Torrent and Ernest Maragall.

The complaints “highlight the seriousness of espionage” that they describe as “political in nature” and that, in their opinion, violates not only fundamental rights and privacy, but also the rights inherent to professional secrecy enjoyed by the lawyer. and the parliamentary immunity that assisted the MEP. The objective of the complaints, according to ERC, is to discover the events that occurred in their entirety (the scope of the information stolen from the victims, the purpose for which it was processed and where it is stored), as well as to find out the identity of the authors. . “All this to avoid impunity for the events and ensure compensation for the damages caused to the victims,” ​​says the Republican party.

In addition, the general secretary of Esquerra, Republicana, Marta Rovira, will present a criminal action for the espionage suffered in Swiss territory and before the authorities of this country. The president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, also plans to file a personal complaint. The CNI has recognized that Aragonès was infected with the Pegasus program. Leaders of the CUP and Òmnium have already gone to court for the espionage cases. Yesterday was the Parliament. The Catalan Chamber filed a complaint in court and requested that the corresponding judicial proceedings be opened to investigate the reported facts. The president, Laura Borràs, signed the complaint. In it, it is proposed that “the responsibilities that people may have incurred” who, in their actions, have participated in the “unauthorized intrusion of the mobile devices of members of Parliament, being able to access in this way , in all or part of Parliament’s information systems without being duly authorised’.