This day is like a black hole. I don’t know how I got to the office, what I planned to do that day, how I felt. The memory is completely erased. What I know: I woke up in the hospital, my muscles were so weak that the roll fell out of my hand, and I had to learn how to walk again. I was in a coma for ten days because my heart suddenly stopped beating. In the car, in the middle of the country road. All I have left of the day are the stories of others.

That morning on November 1, 2016, I was complaining of chest pain and having trouble breathing, which is why an employee suggested that I go to the company doctor. But as a man is, you’re strong, so I said: Oh no, I’ll drive myself. I had the heart attack a little later while behind the wheel and I was still able to put my foot on the brake. When my lifesaver drove past my car in the opposite lane, it was parked in the middle of the country road. A line had already formed behind me. None of them helped me.

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