A mysterious case involving a missing mother of two girls has been in the public eye in Britain for a week. On Friday, police forces were again looking for the 45-year-old on the River Wyre in the north-west English town of St Michael’s on Wyre.

“We will never lose hope,” her partner told British media. “But right now it’s like she’s gone. It’s just crazy.” Her sister spoke of a “nightmare” on Sky News. The police warned against speculation and rumours. So far she has not suspected a crime.

The woman dropped her six- and nine-year-old daughters off at school on the morning of January 27 and then walked her dog, Willow. At 9:00 a.m., the mortgage advisor dialed into an online meeting on her cell phone, and shortly afterwards an acquaintance saw her – it was the last sign of life. The call ended around 9.30am but the 45-year-old didn’t log off. Shortly thereafter, her cell phone and the dog were found on a bank by the river, as reported by the BBC, among others. Since then there has been no trace of the woman.

BBC report with graphics and timeline