Why does everyone always only think of the egg at Easter? Colorful chocolate eggs, blown-out and painted decorative eggs, dyed eggs for breakfast on Easter Sunday – and of course: eggnog. It is now available in many strange colors and lots of more or less tempting flavors. Rum, chocolate, whiskey – whatever tastes good is allowed. But what should you do if eggnog doesn’t appeal to your palate at all? The creamy mix of egg yolks, sugar, cream and a hefty sip of grain (or another spirit) isn’t for everyone. But there are alternatives. Five liquid treats between 10 and 35 revolutions for an enjoyable Easter 2024.

Let’s start with a wild eggnog mix from the Ore Mountains. The master distillers from the Saxon mountain town of Zwönitz have named their first own whiskey creation “Night Walker”. And the single malt, which has matured in oak barrels for three years, was introduced directly to the local chickens. Of course only in a figurative sense. Instead of using grain as usual, they refine the eggnog approach with a sip of their whiskey (47 percent by volume), which was sold for the first time in 2019. Likeable: The people of Zwönitz bottle their special eggnog by hand. It is available as a glass bottle in two sizes (0.2 liters or 0.5 liters) and – to match Easter – as a trial version in a 4-pack egg carton. Good luck!

With a creative masterpiece of word acrobatics, this carbonated cold drink has secured a place in the top 5 of our Easter drink tips. Froh-Secco is a dry City Secco from the Peter Mertes winery on the Moselle, bottled in a 200 milliliter (ml) can. To ensure that the sparkling, sparkling sparkling wine reaches the right recipient, the can can be personalized with a name of your choice before ordering. Froh-Secco has an alcohol content of 10.5 percent by volume and should be drunk well chilled. Depending on your preferences and kitchen equipment, from a can or a champagne glass. Priest!

This creamy Easter quartet comes from Rheinhessen. Four small liqueurs were created at the Deheck liqueur factory in Gau-Odernheim especially for Easter and decorated with colorful labels. And the content is also colorful, because blackberries, strawberries and pistachios were added to the cream liqueurs. Etea’s dye is also said to have been involved. The bottles contain between 15 and 18 percent alcohol by volume. Anyone who likes it fruity and sweet and is not averse to the popular Baileys will not be disappointed by the four creamy Easter sips. Click here for the Deheck Easter liqueur set.

Number four in our list is not for wimps. It would be better to wish the recipient a “spicy Easter”. The duet from the traditional Deheck distillery in Reinhessen consists of two small bottles (0.1 liters) that pack a punch. In one, a strawberry liqueur was refined with a touch of chili. The other combines the exoticism of a mango liqueur with habanero, one of the hottest chili peppers in the world. The two extraordinary compositions contain 20 percent alcohol by volume. Who dares? Here’s the hottest Easter gift 2024 in a set.

The “Tipsy Easter Bunny” comes hopping out of the “Workshop of Pure Enjoyment”. The schnapps bunny was born deep in the Allgäu. The fine content also comes from the distillery in Sulzberg. With 30 percent volume, the hazelnut spirit sets off a real firework on the palate. For chocolate fans, the typically nutty, nougat-like note will sweeten Easter 2024. The nice thing about this high-proof Easter gift: the bottle is ideal as a decorative element. Because next Easter is definitely coming.

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