According to the police, robbers stole millions in an armed robbery on a money transporter on Autobahn 20 in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. How much money it is exactly is still being checked, said a police spokeswoman on Thursday. According to the police, the perpetrators had prepared the coup well early in the morning at the G├╝tzkow junction: the two masked men are said to have had submachine guns with them. In addition, several large concrete blocks had been set up on the street.

According to the information, the perpetrators came with two vehicles and forced the employees of the security company to stop their car in front of the concrete blocks in such a way that escape was impossible. According to investigations so far, no one was injured.

One of the two perpetrator vehicles was immediately set on fire. After opening the money transporter at the rear, the men fled south with their second vehicle and the loot on the A20, according to the police. Before that, they set fire to the rear of the valuables transporter. The employees of the damaged regional money and valuables transport company only then got out of the vehicle.

The stolen cash boxes were burned out and found open – just a few kilometers from the scene of the robbery in a wooded area. The getaway vehicle apparently used by the perpetrators and later burned out was also parked there. There is no evidence of the perpetrators, the police said. The investigations were ongoing.