After the bloody attack on four men in a Duisburg gym, the police are still looking for the perpetrator. Looking for a man in his 30s.

He is said to have stabbed four men aged 21 to 32 in the gym locker room on Tuesday evening with a blunt or stabbing weapon. The 21-year-old victim was still in acute danger yesterday. Many questions were still unanswered for the investigators because the other three seriously injured people were only able to be questioned to a very limited extent.

Because of the lack of surveillance cameras, it is difficult to reconstruct the exact processes in the gym in Duisburg’s old town, the investigators emphasized. “At the time of the crime there were about 80 members,” prosecutor Jill McCuller told WDR yesterday. “Of course you can imagine that panic broke out and everyone ran wildly back and forth. And with all the panic that prevailed, we can’t even say how the perpetrator managed to escape or even in which direction the suspect then fled.”

The investigators assumed that one or more of the later victims had had an argument with the perpetrator. What the argument was about and how the conflict went on will be further investigated.