Japan announced Thursday that it would reopen to tourists coming from 36 countries starting June 10, after a two year-long pandemic. However, travelers will be limited to entering in groups.

This was after the government had announced last week that small-group tours with tourists from Australia, Thailand, Thailand, and Singapore would be tested starting in this month.

The Japanese government updated its border control rules on Thursday to allow group travel from 36 countries and regions in which the Covid-19 situation has stabilized. These countries include Canada, Saudi Arabia, Canada, Spain, Malaysia, and Canada.

Japan will increase the number international flight acceptance airports to seven by adding Naha (south) and Chitose (north), in Okinawa prefecture.

Japan banned tourists from entering its territory for most of the pandemic. Only Japanese citizens and residents were allowed to return. However, these restrictions were occasionally lifted.

All travelers must pass a negative test before they can travel to Japan. However, those who have been triple-vaccinated can skip the additional test and stay in quarantine for three days. For the rest.

Tourist groups will be closely monitored and required to respect Japanese laws regarding masks and other measures used to keep Covid-19 victims low in Japan.

It is not clear how many people will benefit from this gradual, cautious reopening.