Unlike Liverpool’s staging, in which Robertson and Alexander-Arnold spoke first, and then Jurgen Klopp, Madrid placed Marcelo and Courtois together with Ancelotti in the photo. Well surrounded by the Italian, who was optimistic about the final and detailed what game he expects: «We have to plan a game where we can show our quality, which is what we have done this season. Collective commitment, individual quality, players who came off the bench and have shown a difference… They will be an intense and vertical team. That’s the match I’m looking forward to.”

Ancelotti differentiated this final from the 2014 final, won with him on the bench, from the one that will be played tomorrow, but he highlighted the relevance of the Décima in the face of what came next: “It was the key to all the successes.”

For the Italian, his team clearly deserved to reach the final but he will have to win the title this Saturday on green. “The final I played the best was the one in 2005 with Milan against Liverpool, but we lost it. With this I do not mean that I am going to ask the players to play badly, but this is a final. We are going to give the best we have but we don’t know if it will be enough to win.”

Ancelotti did not want to comment on the pitch, which Klopp complained about, and recalled that just a year ago he received the call from Madrid. What has changed his life in twelve months: «It gives vertigo, yes. I have thought about it many times. Just a year ago I spoke on the phone with José Ángel Sánchez and Florentino… The season has been very, very good and we are close to achieving our maximum this season. This team handles these types of matches very well. Veterans help young people to have a very good environment, with enthusiasm and confidence. Tomorrow afternoon there will be a bit of concern, but the concern is combated with the faces of the players, who give me a lot of confidence.

That confidence is what Courtois also showed, who in Lisbon, in 2014, defended Atlético’s goal: «If you face Madrid you know that when they play the final they win it. Now I’m on the good side of history.” Marcelo, who can lift his 25th title, an absolute record, avoided commenting on his future when asked if he preferred a statue or renewing his contract: «I don’t need a statue. My story is made at Real Madrid whether I stay or not. A statue doesn’t make much sense.”