This weekend, Cognac was transported back in time by vintage cars. Jean-Francois Soguel (administrator of the club) reveals that the Triumph Club de France was welcomed to the city with its “115 crews”. This national organization, which was founded in 1978, has 600 members.

Each year, members get together in a new region. They visit this area during an “event”. Cognac was chosen to host the event this year.

He was a “respected German bike and motorcycle designer” who created the Triumph brand in 1920s. Willy Friedli, club president, says that they made cars afterward. This brand is well-known for its sedans and convertible models.

This event goes beyond “meeting with old friends”. It also aims to “share our passions with as many people possible and encourage them all to exchange ideas.” The president says it’s a spectacle for the public.

The multi-colored cars in the Gambetta carpark catch your eye: “It is beautiful.” We are in complete ecstasy. It’s great to see people taking care of it,” says a visitor.

The Triumph Club will be visiting Angouleme Monday.