What bird species are most likely to visit the gardens during nesting season? What is the changing workforce? The LPO (Bird Protection League) and Paris Natural History Museum count on the public’s help to provide a clear picture. Scientists invite everyone to join them this weekend, May 28-29. They will choose a day to count birds in a garden or yard. Then, they will score the number of birds that visit the area by landing for an hour. Individuals that are only observed in flight should be ignored.

Scientists say that exercising doesn’t require an expert eye. Online instructions for data entry and registration are available. The results of the count will appear on the Garden Bird Observatory’s website, which also contains all information about the operation.

Over 3,900 observers were mobilized last year. 23 birds were averaged per garden. The leading species were house sparrows and blackbirds. Great tits accounted for the majority of these counts.