Ms. Lamp, you are the only start-up founder taking part in the top meeting between the chemical industry and politicians in the Chancellery today. How do you feel about the meeting? I’m looking forward to it, it’s an honor to be able to take part as a representative of the regenerative economy. For over ten years I have been concerned with the question of how production processes can be designed so that they do not harm the environment, but rather benefit people and are in harmony with nature. I researched this, gave lectures, analyzed companies that were already successfully practicing a Cradle-to-Cradle approach and founded a start-up myself three years ago.

Cradle-to-cradle means “from the cradle to the cradle”, what exactly does that mean? It means thinking in cycles in which waste is not created in the first place: you have to manufacture products from the outset in such a way that they are technically compatible can be recycled or circulated in the biological cycle.

However, the chemical industry is currently plagued by completely different concerns: the high energy costs are threatening the industry’s existence. The impression was given in the media that today is a crisis meeting in which short-term fire brigade operations will be decided. But the idea of ​​this top meeting was originally for politicians and industry to think together about how we can realistically achieve sustainable chemical production.

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