Chauvin’s fellow inmate attacked the 47-year-old ex-police officer last week on so-called Black Friday. According to the indictment, he said he wanted to commemorate the Black Lives Matter movement, which is directed against the widespread police violence against black people in the USA.

In the case, the 52-year-old faces 20 additional years in prison for attempted murder. He is also said to have stabbed another inmate more than 20 times.

Prosecutors did not mention Chauvin’s name in their statement. However, an official source confirmed to the AFP news agency that the victim of the aforementioned knife attack was the former Minneapolis police officer. No information was given about Chauvin’s condition after the attack.

In May 2020, the white police officer Chauvin pressed his knee into the neck of George Floyd, a black man in Minneapolis, who was arrested for a suspected counterfeit $20 bill, for around nine and a half minutes, even though he repeatedly complained that he could no longer breathe. The 46-year-old African American died as a result.

Floyd’s complaint “I can’t breathe” – “I can’t breathe” or “I can’t breathe” – went around the world and became a slogan of the anti-racism movement Black Lives Matter. The case sparked mass protests¬†against racism and police violence in the United States and many other countries.

Chauvin was sentenced in June 2021 to 22 years and six months in prison for second-degree murder – in German law this roughly corresponds to manslaughter in a serious case. A few days before the knife attack on Chauvin, the US Supreme Court rejected Chauvin’s appeal against his conviction.