“What deepens the most in social dialogue is reaching agreements that are important for citizens, so the will to try to reach them in the social, economic and labor spheres is still in force on the part of the Autonomous Administration, but it is necessary to distinguish between the the need for resources to be concentrated where they are essential and the will we have to try to reach agreements in the field of social dialogue”.

This was stated in León by the Minister of Economy and Finance and spokesman, Carlos Fernández Carriedo, when asked about the announcement by the Vice President of the Junta de Castilla y León, Juan García-Gallardo, and the Minister of Industry, Commerce and Employment, Mariano Veganzones, of the reduction of 20.3 million euros in subsidies to employers and unions


The Minister of Economy and Finance highlighted that “dealing with some social expenses that are more important” must be “an objective of all public administrations” and, in a special way, “especially in a time of crisis such as the one that current”, which requires “going to consider those expenses that do not compromise the direct service of the provision of public services”.

Carlos Fernández Carriedo has demanded, in statements collected by Ical, “the generosity of all the actors and participants” to “understand that the greatest effort of public spending has to be directed to social public services and social cohesion and to the field of development economy”, which is where he has assured that “the effort must be made not to make cuts”.

The head of Economy has pointed out that this decision “should not be understood” as “a risk or questioning the ability or willingness to reach agreements in the field of social dialogue”, since he has stated that “they continue to be essential for Castilla y Lion”.

Similarly, he has insisted on the importance of “establishing the difference between the need to assess resources and concentrate funds where citizens consider them most essential and the fact of trying to reach agreements with the legitimate representatives of workers and companies.”