The singer Carlota Flâneur broke into the music scene a little less than two years ago with a tender and colorful pop. After Brains, her first EP, and The Creator, her particular vision of Tyler’s See you again, she definitively demonstrated that her thing was pop in capital letters. Her first album, Uncertainty, will finally be released on September 16. In it, Carlota Flâneur explores all the forms, manners, angles and colors of pop, included in ten songs that go deep into memory and introduce the public to a universe of fantasy.

However, this Friday Lungs sees the light, the first single that the Barcelona artist presents from this first LP. It is a fresh and catchy song that hints at the next steps of the young singer. The song is accompanied by a video clip made by By contrast in which they talk about the feeling of finding yourself in another world when you connect with someone, of a love without prejudice.

In the Lungs video clip, Carlota Flâneur speaks to herself in different worlds full of color, snow and stars, creating a narrative between the apparently real and fictional spaces through a telephone as a common thread.

This first single advances that in Uncertainty, an album for which the soloist has once again enlisted the production of Ferran Palau, there will be songs with happy rhythms, guitars that play with the melodies of the voice and synths that come and go, giving warmth to a proposal already welcoming. And as for the lyrics, Carlota Flâneur speaks sweetly but honestly about insecurities and fears, about feeling vulnerable and being paralyzed, about seeing the world spinning too fast, about love and the feeling of being loved.