The president of the Popular Party of the Valencian Community, Carlos Mazón, has proposed the elimination of all license and port fees for fishermen in the Community “for the duration of a situation of inflation that is unaffordable.”

This has been transferred to the representatives of the Sant Pere Fishermen’s Association of Castellón, with whom he has met together with the president of the PP of the province of Castellón, Marta Barrachina and the president of the local PP, Begoña Carrasco. Mazón recalled that the proposal to exempt port fees was one of the first launched by the PPCV as a result of the crisis in the primary sector and the increase in fuel prices.

The president of the PPCV has pointed out that fishing “is a strategic sector for the Valencian Community, significantly affected by the increase in fuel prices.”

«The cost of fuel for a trawler reaches up to 70% of the total cost. It is unaffordable and there is hardly any room to work, ”said Mazón.

“Today the fees continue to be charged, the price of gasoline is skyrocketing, the aid does not arrive. We are condemning the fishermen to not be able to fish, and it is a real drama. We ask the Generalitat to also demand the extension of the days to be able to go out to fish », he concluded.