International Environment Day is a great day to reflect on all the actions that promote a more sustainable world. Caja Rural Granada has created a website called “From our roots, always sustainable”, where the financial institution will announce a series of financial products and financial measures to support sustainable development in the areas where it is located.

The Entity has been taking a variety of actions to protect the environment for over a decade. These include the commitment to responsible resource use, the reduction in the consumption of paper and cardboard, as well as the reduction of plastic material. The substitution of more efficient lighting and automation can reduce water and electricity consumption.

Its strategy also includes the design of offices in a more efficient manner to reduce the environmental impact, the energy control measures, or the implementation and maintenance of energy-saving equipment.

The Entity also collaborates with institutions and organizations involved in improving the environment through its Foundation and the Technical Office. This includes the School Days of Cooperativism.

Caja Rural Granada offers three types of sustainable products to its customers: financing, investment, and payment.

The Financial Entity offers a Personal Loan to Sustainability Vehicles for people who are interested in purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle, such as a hybrid or electric car, bicycle, scooter, or motorcycle. Companies who wish to upgrade their fleet can also have options.

It is important to highlight the Sustainability Energy Efficiency loan, which is available to individuals and communities that want to improve their homes, buildings, and urbanization. This loan can be used for heating or hot water system replacements with condensing, biomass, or type A heat pumps. Companies who wish to implement these measures within their business are also eligible for this loan.

Caja Rural Granada will soon launch its Green Mortgage.

Socially Responsible Investment (SRI), which incorporates social, environmental and governance criteria into decision-making is an option. The Bank offers investment funds, pension plans, and portfolios that combine financial analysis and sustainability criteria to allow for investment that aims to create a more sustainable world.

Notable are also the initiatives taken by the entity in order to encourage sustainability in the payment options available to its customers.

All debit and credit cards are made from 100% recycled PVC. The point-of-sale terminals (POS) in stores send an electronic report at end of day with all operations so that the store doesn’t have to save and store the tickets.

The Entity’s ATMs were also replaced with a model that uses more sustainable and efficient technology to reduce electricity consumption or CO2 emissions. This includes optimizing transport, recycling, or reuse of banknotes.

It is becoming more important than ever to collaborate with individuals and businesses, such as Caja Rural Granada in order to create projects and implement new practices that improve the environment.