Bungie Dev’s Cryptic Tweets Spark Destiny 3 Speculation as Expansion The Final Shape Launches

As Bungie launches Destiny 2 expansion The Final Shape, fans think one developer has teased Destiny 3 with a series of cryptic tweets. The Final Shape concludes Destiny’s overarching story by placing the player inside the Traveler in a face-off against the mysterious The Witness. It’s the culmination of 10 years of often bewildering Destiny storytelling, and will hopefully provide answers for the game’s player base.

But in previous videos, Bungie developers have teased that The Final Shape is not the end of Destiny 2 or even the series, with the developer – now owned by Sony – also working on multiplayer game Marathon. In a series of tweets marking the release of The Final Shape, Bungie executive creative director, Luke Smith, discussed the road to The Final Shape’s release and the effort its developers put in to make it happen. But it’s the mention of the word **Hope** three times, each capitalized, that has set the cat among the pigeons within the Destiny community.

Here’s the tweet in question:
“Our **Hope** is always the same with Destiny games, expansions, seasons, DLCs, exotic missions, secret missions, in-game events, merchandise, et cetera – we genuinely **Hope** you enjoy the time you spend with it.”

That tweet was enough to set off a number of Destiny content creators on the future of the series, and there’s rampant speculation across social media and forums.

For now, the focus is on The Final Shape and its three planned episodes. Echoes kicks off next week on June 11, Revenant is set for October 2024, and Heresy rounds The Final Shape off in February 2025, although of course the plan may change.

Beyond that? Bungie is yet to say. Destiny 3 could be an opportunity for Bungie to reset the series with a potentially next-gen entry-point that would bring in a wave of new players. But, after 10 years of Destiny, the studio may decide to leave Destiny behind for new franchises, as it did when it left Halo behind all those years ago.