The European Commission has carried out this Tuesday by surprise inspections in facilities of several companies in the fashion industry in different countries of the European Union for suspicions of anti-competitive practices in the European economic area.

The community services have acted accompanied by representatives of the national authorities responsible for competition, the Community Executive itself has indicated, which has avoided giving details about the firms involved or the countries in which the inspections have taken place.

In addition to the investigations, Brussels has sent formal requests for information to several companies in the sector to clarify whether their activities respect the competition rules of the European Union, specifically those that prohibit cartels and other restrictive business practices.

Surprise inspections are a preliminary step in investigations into possible anticompetitive practices, although the Commission emphasizes that this step does not prejudge the development of the case nor does it imply that the supervised companies are guilty.

Brussels is not subject to any specific deadline to complete its investigations because each case depends on the complexity of what is investigated and the need to respect the rights of defense of those inspected, clarify the community services.