The police shot at a patient armed with a knife in the Jewish Hospital in Berlin. The 45-year-old was injured in the leg, said a police spokesman on Friday. The officials were alerted by employees of the clinic on Friday afternoon at around 2.30 p.m. because the man had rioted in a ward. According to the spokesman, the man attacked the emergency services after they arrived with a knife. Previously, the “B.Z.” reported.

The background is still unclear, said the police spokesman. The incident is said to have occurred in a hospital addiction ward. According to current knowledge, apart from the attacker, no other people were injured, the spokesman said.

Police stop attackers with shots

According to “B.Z.” information, the attacker was stopped with two shots by the police. He is said not to have responded to the request to put the knife down. The 45-year-old had received medical attention and was stable, said the police spokesman.

According to the information, a homicide commission has taken over the investigation into the case. According to the police, this is generally the case when officers have fired in action. Traces were secured at the crime scene and witnesses were interviewed.