The deputy and spokesman for the PDECat in the Congress of Deputies, Ferran Bel, who is used to making his speeches without papers and who in recent weeks has led remarkably relaxed speeches that were celebrated, had an inspired moment yesterday when in his speech from the tribune confessed that, due to his parliamentary activity, he had not been able to listen to the entire plenary session, but even so, from what he had heard from the spokesmen for the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos, he challenged them to sing a criticism of the Government in a plenary session without appealing to the independence movement of the Catalan and Basque groups. Bel came up and promised to pay a meal to the 154 deputies of the three groups of the self-styled “constitutionalist” right – PP, Vox and Ciudadanos – if they were able to campaign in the Andalusians without mentioning Catalans and Basques. “Andalusia has many problems: talk about Andalusia’s problems, don’t talk about Catalonia or the Basque Country and you will win a meal”.