Three months have passed since Russia began the invasion of Ukraine and the signs of affection for the country presided over by Volodímir Zelinski have not stopped. Precisely in this sense, this Tuesday it was agreed that a new square in Barcelona, ​​located in the Nou Barris area, will be dedicated to Ukraine and will bear his name. The denomination will now have to go through several procedures, the first of them, the debate within the district’s Democratic Memory Table.

The square was created in 2008 around the Trinitat Nova metro stop and did not yet have a name. It is a space that has green areas and is enabled for children’s play.

After fourteen years without a name, a neighborhood initiative led by the entity ‘Somos la Trini’ recently promoted the baptism of the square in honor of Ukraine. The initiative got the support of the neighborhood and social networks from the outset and the municipal group of Valents moved the proposal to the plenary session of the Nou Barris district, which accepted the neighborhood idea.

Yeray Mellado, director of Valents in Nou Barris, has expressed his gratitude to the residents of Trinitat Nova and has emphasized that the proposal “is born from civil society and goes beyond Nou Barris”, since it intends that this square ” be a symbol of solidarity for all of Barcelona with those affected by the war».

It is not the first time that the neighborhood honors conflict zones. In the 1990s, an agreement between Trinitat Nova and Trinitat Vella prompted the creation of the Sarajevo bridge, which was then immersed in the Balkan war. The one that was located between the Meridiana and the access highways to the city.

Likewise, with the conflict in Ukraine, tributes have been made in other cities of the State: this is the case of Madrid, which will also have a square dedicated to the Ukrainian people, in this case it will bear the name of the president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski and it will be located in front of to the embassy of this country.