Jose Maria Aznar was the former Prime Minister and he went to Castilla y Leon on Saturday to support Alfonso Fernandez Manueco as PP candidate. He also demanded that Pablo Casado provide a strong and constructive leadership, despite the advances of Vox and internal struggles that have been eroding the party in recent months. “Sometimes, I hear that you must win to take, but I don’t know who to Moncloa. But, hey. The question is, what to do?” This community is very popular.

Aznar, who did not name the leader of the PP, explained his recipe to counter the idea of the tenants of Genoa that a victory at Castilla y Leon would catapult Casado into Moncloa. He explained that “you win by building.” He explained that building is not about dividing, but integrating; it’s adding, not subtracting; it’s joining forces, and not dividing; it’s designing common goals, shared purposes, and not sowing discord>>.

Former president of the popular party stressed that Castilla y Leon was the beginning of a “success tale” and that it created a “reformist and focused alternative to a failed socialistism”. He said that the “protagonists” now are others and pointed out the five regional presidents (Alfonso Fernandez Manueco and Alberto Nunez Feijoo), Isabel Diaz Ayuso and Juanma Moreno Bonneilla, as well as Fernando Lopez Miras. He stressed that all of them were crucial to the success of this ambitious project. A second message was received internally, following the war between Genoa and Diaz Ayuso over the organic control in Madrid which threatens the impulse to 4-M.

Recent polls reveal that Casado’s electoral expectations are being lowered by the conservatives, which could lead to more Vox votes. Aznar expressed concern about this problem and urged his supporters not to let the right flank vote-flip. He warned that there are many people who believe they can find magic solutions to problems, such as lying or false populism. They don’t have a reliable referent to trust.