After reaching an agreement with Atletico Mancha Real, Pedro Bolanos will still be in charge of the Atletico Mancha Real team bench. This was confirmed last Monday night. At the end of the season, the coach had already indicated that he intended to stay with the team. Bolanos joined the club in 2019-2020, and will be his fourth year as a member of the green team. Bolanos was promoted in category and will remain as coach. He also had a historic participation in Copa del Rey, where it was defeated by Athletic Club in round 16.

Jose Aybar is the club’s sports director. He confirmed that Bolanos was renewed with the goal of “following an uninterrupted line.” He also said that “we all are very happy.”

He is very cautious about the next course, but he admits that he will continue to be a continuationist. We will do a modest, austere project that doesn’t require you to spend more than what is available. We are trying to create a team that has players who can add to it. It is clear that we will continue following the same path as in years past. Aybar stated that while we won’t change much in this sense, it is clear that we want to create an exciting project.”

The sports director also confirmed that nine players were renewed today for next season. Many of these players had a two year contract. The former Real Jaen player also commented that he met with Pedro Bolanos yesterday afternoon to discuss “the different situations in the players.”

Edu Viana is one of the most outstanding footballers. Edu Viana, a winger, has been a key player in his stay. However, due to his loan status it is very difficult for him wear the Atletico Mancha Real shirt once again. Alcorcon, his original team, has been relegated from the First Federation, so he might have other options.

Aybar, for his part, stated that “in these next few days we’ll talk because there are other things to adjust.”

However, Manchara’s sports director was critical of the group compositions that were made for last season. “We would love to be in a team where the criterion for justice rules, that is, we don’t want to travel for five hours and it doesn’t report anything economic in La Juventud, because these teams attract very few social mass, when there are other displacements closer to us,” he said.

He expressed his desire to join the Andalusian community. She concluded that “We are Andalusians” and wanted to be there. This year, an Andalusian team will be represented by Recreativo de Huelva and Sevilla’s subsidiaries, as well as Utrera, Cadiz, Juventud de Torremolinos, or Velez.

The date at which the groups will be revealed is unknown. The Federation will need to wait until the Second Division playoff ends before it can make a decision.