The National Police has arrested a man who pretended to be an immigration police officer to defraud his victims by offering them the possibility of accelerating their regularization process in the country.

The investigation began at the beginning of the year, when the criminal activity of this individual who pretended to be a police officer to contact foreign citizens who ran commercial establishments became known.

It offered them the possibility of accelerating the regularization of their situation in the country, obtaining Spanish nationality or exempting them from paying administrative sanctions. It also guaranteed them the obtaining of high-end electronic products at low cost from alleged judicial auctions. For all this, victims were asked to pay a series of processing fees in advance.

For these facts, he was arrested in the Madrid district of Usera on May 23 as the alleged perpetrator of thirteen crimes of fraud, a crime of usurpation of public functions and misappropriation of a vehicle, related to one of the illegal acts. After passing at the disposal of the judicial authority, it decreed his entry into prison.