Agents of the National Police have arrested a 19-year-old in Valencia when he intimidated two men with disabilities inside a doorway with a knife to steal the hearing aids, valued at 500 euros each, that one of the victims was carrying and steal 20 euros in cash from the other, after having attacked them and thrown them to the ground.

The events occurred around 3:00 p.m., when the patrol that was carrying out prevention work was alerted by the 091 Room, to go to a street in the Orriols neighborhood, where a robbery with violence and intimidation was apparently taking place. indicated the security forces and bodies in a statement.

The agents immediately went to the place, where they located a man inside the portal who was brandishing a knife towards two other men who were lying on the ground covered in blood.

When the suspect became aware of the police presence, he fled down the stairs of the building, while the victims shouted that he had beaten and robbed them.

The alleged attacker managed to get through the door to the roof of the building and the agents chased him through the roofs of several buildings while the suspect threw objects. Finally, they managed to catch up with him on one of the terraces and arrested him at that moment as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of robbery with violence and resistance and disobedience.

The agents found out that moments before the two victims were talking inside the portal, when the detainee began to verbally intimidate them and demanded that they give him everything they were carrying, and when both refused, he began to attack them, threw them to the ground and He managed to steal their hearing aids and 20 euros.

One of the victims told the agents that she had a 57 percent disability and had removed her hearing aids valued at 500 euros each, for which she presented a bleeding abrasion above her right ear. The other victim also stated that she had a 54% disability.

The detainee, of Moroccan origin, with a police record, has gone to court.