The case of the minor who died in March, after an altercation in the Zambrana center during which he would have been reduced and handcuffed, is archived. The judge of the Court of Instruction 5 of Valladolid has observed in this regard that “it has not been proven that the death occurred as a result of negligent behavior by the two security guards investigated”, who, as recognized by the court, intervened ” when he starred in violent behavior in the Center for Minors, ā€¯according to the newspaper El Norte de Castilla.

To evaluate it, the magistrate considers the forensic autopsy report, the reports from the National Institute of Toxicology and the clarifications made at a hearing that was held on June 13 to be “fundamental” support.

The autopsy report rules out suffocation or injuries from the fight and attributes the death to “agitated delirium” that would have caused cardiac arrest while handcuffed.

After a brief stay in Montero, also from Valladolid, and another in a center in Zamora, he had been transferred to the Zambrana on January 25 of this year, by decision of the court after repeated “disruptive and violent behavior” that would have caused up to five similar episodes and previous, always with judicial notice and a health review of the minor, as explained at the time of death by the Family Counselor, Isabel Blanco.

In this case, after ripping off the mask of another inmate and refusing to go up to his room, the minor would not have accepted willingly that the educators punished him without television or reducing his weekly allowance, according to the testimonies of the guards and educators. . The former stopped him when he “pounced” on one of the educators.

“By resisting vigorously”, the investigators acknowledged that they had to immobilize him on the ground, face down, one holding his legs with his and both hands, and the other, holding his head with one hand and his right arm under his neck. As the calls for calm by those responsible had no effect, one of the two guards put the shackles on him, remaining like that for about 14 minutes. At that moment, they realized that he was not responding, they called 112 and tried to revive him, but without success, since the young Tunisian died.