Bull giraffe Diko has stubbornly forced his stay in the Dresden Zoo. As zoo director Karl-Heinz Ukena announced on Thursday, the 16-year-old bull could not be placed in a transport box on Wednesday. After four hours, the planned loading was canceled because Diko was too nervous.

In the interest of animal welfare, the zoo decided to leave him in Dresden and not attempt any further transport.

Diko, who was born in a French zoo in 2007, was actually supposed to be moved to a new giraffe enclosure in Jyllands Park (Denmark) after mating attempts in Dresden had been unsuccessful for years. Diko has lived in Dresden since 2009. It belongs to the Kordofan giraffe subspecies, which is threatened with extinction. It was said that on Thursday morning he made a relaxed impression again in the Dresden Zoo’s outdoor enclosure.