The sum of PP and Vox would give the right the majority of 17 councilors to govern again in the Valencia City Council. This is extracted from an Electomanía survey published this Thursday, according to which, one year before the 2023 municipal elections, the popular ones would snatch Compromís (21.5%) the condition of the first political force in the city.

The coalition led by Joan Ribó would lose two councilors -from 10 to 8-, while its current PSPV-PSOE partners (21.2%) would win one -from 7 to 8-, so the sum would not be enough to reissue a third left pact. However, the difference between blocks -a single councilman- is very close and the two progressive formations would be almost tied in percentage of the vote.

For its part, Ciudadanos would not reach the 5% barrier and would stay out of the consistory by a few tenths. The same would happen with United We Can, which currently does not have representation in the municipal corporation either.

The PP of María José Catalá (29.2%) would go from 8 to 11 councillors, while Vox (16.6%) would star in the greatest increase, as it would have six representatives in the chamber, when it currently only has two.

The panel has been carried out with a sample of 1,007 responses collected during the first three weeks of May.