Barcelonnette wants to acquire The Three Pilgrims of the Night as a museum. It’s a trio of bronzes that Jean-Louis Raina (1929-2019), who is a native of Uvernet, dated 1995.

The three bronzes, which were deposited in the museum by the artist during his lifetime, are being offered at a cost of EUR11,000 and are meant for the scenography in the room “Gens de l’Ubaye – gens du Piedmont”. You can admire them in the museum’s veranda. They are representative of all people who move and walk, and they are at the center of the scenography.

Barcelonnette will issue a tax receipt to donors, which allows for a tax deduction to those who support the acquisition. Individuals can deduct the donation from their income tax for the next year up to 66%, or wealth tax up to 75%. Companies can deduct taxable profits up to 60% from the donation within the limits of 5% of their turnover.

Tresor Public should be the beneficiary of checks. Send or drop off your check at Barcelonnette Town Hall, Place Valle-de-Bravo BP 53, 04400 Barcelonnette, or at the Musee de la Vallee 10, avenue de la Liberation.