The «IV Alicante Gastronomic Fair. Mediterranean lifestyle” and “” will host the 1st Potato Omelette Contest of the Province of Alicante on September 23rd. A contest whose objective, according to Rafael García Santos, gastronomic critic and director of “”, is “to stimulate virtuosity among professionals, as well as encourage their presence in our bars and, with this, promote a local identity within the national idiosyncrasies.

The coordinator of the organizing committee of Alicante Gastronómica, Gema Amor, explained that the fair “will have as its central axis the celebration of the 1st National Congress of Potato Tortilla and the 15th Spanish Championship. In order to contribute to enhancing the value of the province’s cuisine and chefs, the first edition of the provincial Potato Tortilla Contest will be held».

The 1st Potato Omelette Contest of the Province of Alicante is aimed at professionals from bars, restaurants, hotels, as well as catering establishments or those linked to gastronomy.

García Santos has detailed that there will be two categories. In the Classic Tortillas Category, the virtuosity of one of the country’s traditional versions will be valued. On the other hand, in the Tortillas with Identity Category, the development of an Alicante identity will be valued, giving one of the national versions a territorial personality through the subtle and complementary use of ingredients typical of provincial gastronomy: ñora, saffron, salted fish, al Sarmiento… «It remains to be imagined», he concluded.