A woman was hit by an ICE train at Berlin Central Station on Wednesday evening and died. A small child suffered very serious injuries, state police and federal police said. The background was still unclear in the evening. A large contingent of police and rescue workers were on site. Parts of Berlin Central Station were closed. There were delays and sometimes cancellations. 

A spokesman for the Berlin police said in the evening that a woman had been fatally injured by a train. He also spoke of a small child who was “significantly” injured. How this could have happened is still unclear. The police initially did not provide any information about the age of the woman and child.

Police officers were on site to interview eyewitnesses. Video recordings should also be evaluated, as the spokesman for the Berlin police said. A rescue helicopter and emergency vehicles could be seen in front of the main train station. 

The fire brigade spoke on platform X of a tragic accident at the main station. “We have been on site with a large contingent of emergency services since 6:30 p.m.” Witnesses were also looked after. 

As Deutsche Bahn announced at X, tracks 11 to 14 were closed. There were some disruptions to regional and long-distance traffic. Berlin Central Station – a transport hub – is normally frequented by up to 300,000 people every day.