A 37-year-old man, who was participating in a mountain bike event, had to be evacuated this Saturday by helicopter to the Segovia Hospital due to an allergic reaction after suffering the sting of several bees in an area of ​​difficult access.

As reported by the 1-1-2 Emergency Center, the incident occurred in an area of ​​difficult access for land vehicles about two kilometers southeast of Los Angeles de San Rafael, in the municipality of El Espinar (Segovia). ).

The 1-1-2 has given notice of this fact to the Civil Guard (COS) of Segovia, the Local Police of El Espinar, the emergency coordination center (CCU) of Emergencies Sanitarias-Sacyl and the emergency coordination center ( CCE) of the Civil Protection and Emergency Agency, from which the rescue helicopter has been sent with a rescue team on board.

After locating the place where the indisposed cyclist is, the Civil Protection helicopter lands nearby and the rescuers access the patient on foot. In coordination with one of the emergency regulation doctors from the emergency coordination center, the rescuer-nurse from the Rescue Group provides initial medical assistance to the cyclist, before accompanying him to board the helicopter on his own feet.

Once with him on board, the Civil Protection helicopter flies directly to the Segovia Assistance Complex for a more detailed examination of the cyclist.