Now points to the Toldstyrelsen yet. Namely, that one should be wary of counterfeit goods.

In a press release noted that they are seeing more and more counterfeit goods are being ordered home from the shops outside the EU.

“It is not illegal to buy counterfeit goods on the network, for private use, but you risk that the goods will be detained, since it is illegal for the seller to sell counterfeit products,” says Preben Buchholtz, kontroldirektør in Toldstyrelsen.

Therefore, people can as a consumer could pay for a product which is not just a copy, but never reach.

The past five years has Toldstyrelsen experienced an increase of 65 percent in the number of cases with counterfeit goods. Alone in the year’s first ten months, there has Jokerbet been almost 6.300 cases.

Special perfume, merchandise, clothes, accessories for mobile phones and sports shoes, which are bought on the net, be seized in customs control.

unlike when shopping in a physical store, it can be difficult to assess whether a product is real or fake. And thus also, whether the quality matches the price.

This applies not least during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where many online stores screws all the way down for the prices.

this is Precisely why there is even greater risk that one of these days are being lured into the trap and comes to buying counterfeit goods.

Toldstyrelsen recommend, therefore, that the Danish consumers use the website jegvælgeræ, where you can get good advice on how to control the bypassing of counterfeit goods, and how to spot illegal website.

On the website, you can also get advice on what you as a consumer should do if you anyway are going to buy a counterfeit product.