Who is according to the users of the craftsmen of the country’s best craftsmen?

It has håndværksportalen Craftsman.dk named.

the Competition for the Artisan.dk Price 2019 ended 29. september 2019, and by then had workmen in the whole country contenders compete to be the user favorithåndværker. There have been found 73 artisans in the whole country, and they can now boast of being the user’s own favorites.

This was stated in a press release.

– the Competition this year has been the toughest to date. says Thorsten Olsen, marketing executive at Craftsman.dk, in the press release.

– We have experienced a great deal of commitment from all personnel, which has struggled to collect the important recommendations from their customers. This has resulted in 3000 new recommendations, which makes it easier for our users to find a trustworthy workman, he says.

the Number of the collected recommendations is more than doubled compared to the Craftsman.dk Price 2018, which have been collected 700 recommendations.

The more than 27,000 craftsmen, which is part of the portal, has been named as the winners in the six different regions of the country, as a Craftsman.dk the Price, in addition to the five official regions, and also works with a region in the north of Zealand.

the Builders will be announced in 14 different categories representing everything from the carpenters over the architects to the installation.

the Recommendations, which will form the basis for the election, can be of great importance for the individual craftsman.

A former Craftsman.dk-user survey among 900 respondents shows that users are taking notice of how other previous customers appraise the individual craftsman.

In the study is the equivalent of 64 percent of the respondents, it is important for them that they can read about the tradesman and just select an artisan on the basis of other users ‘ recommendations.

– We know that the positive recommendations is to create a feeling of security in the industry, which Kaçak İddaa comes builders ‘ customers for good. It is therefore not only a tribute to the skilled personnel, but also a tribute to users, who take an active part in the election and thus makes it even easier for future users to find the right handyman, says Thorsten Olsen.

the Winners will receive streamers for their cars, so they in the street can boast with the title as the users favorite artisan within their category.

You will find a comprehensive list of all the winners at the Craftsman.dk.


will Win: – The best is the recommendations

Photo: PR

For one of the winners means it particular much that it is the customers themselves who give votes

One of the happy winners of the Craftsman.dk Price 2019 is Finlow VVS, who won in the Capital region.

For the second year in a row the company has won the award as the best recommended PLUMBING’is, according to the portal’s users in the Capital Region. It arouses both pride and joy.

– It is a result of hard work – both in håndværksafdelingen, but also when it comes to quality control. We spend a lot of time to get together the recommendations and ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied, and unfortunately, håndværkerbranchen not always the best reputation, but we are trying daily to disprove and restore renomméet in the PLUMBING world, says a spokesperson for Finlow VVS in the press release.

– The best of Craftsman.dk is the recommendations. Our current customers recommend new customers read them. It has been made easy to find a craftsman you can rely on. For if the word you otherwise believe in, if not one that has taken advantage of us, says he.