It was far from all the tickets, which were sold to the long-awaited concert with rocklegenderne Bon Jovi and Def Leppard in June.

They ended up giving a concert for 25,000 people, but the organizers behind it, which was sønderborg’s largest concert ever, had put some 35,000 tickets for sale. It has, therefore, given a deficit of eur 3.3 million in the accounts, write the Jutland west Coast.

“If we had sold the 3,500 more tickets, so had it hung together. It is too bad, but we had estimated wrong,” says Jes Johansen, director and eventchef of Culture in the South, who organised the concert at Kær Vestermark.

He explains that they had expected higher sales in Germany, which was not fulfilled. The deficit is, however, acceptable, he thinks.

Luckily, Sønderborg Municipality ready with a lifesaver to the organizer. The city council approved namely a guarantee against loss in 2017 for one big concert at Kær Vestermark.

This meant that the organizer himself had to fork out, if the deficit was up to one million. The municipality undertakes to cover a deficit of between one and two million, and exceeds the amount of two million, so dividing the two parties, the cost.

Mayor Erik Lauritzen (P) call it infuriating money, which the municipality must now use, but he stresses at the same time, that it was a risk you were willing to run in order to create big events in Sønderborg.

the Organizer, the Culture in the South, and the mayor calls both the outcome of the concert for the “money to learn”, because it is the first concert in the size. Despite the large deficit going Culture in the South with thoughts of a new, large concert in Sønderborg.