Tuesday, you should choose a chairman of the british parliament, when it meets for the first time since the election.

on Tuesday afternoon gathered in the british parliament for the first time since the parliamentary elections, which secured The Conservative Party and prime minister, Boris Johnson, by an absolute majority.

Here, the european parliament will address the formal tasks, the first being to choose a new president of the house of Commons.

It will be, by all accounts, Lindsay Hoyle, who continues as chairman. She was appointed to this post for a month and a half ago after John Bercow.

He has been to the House of frontman since 2009, before he was replaced by the 31. October.

Boris Johnson comes to the meeting with a clean majority in the back, while the opposition party Labour, with leader Jeremy Corbyn has announced the president’s departure after a big defeat in the elections.

When the president of the house of Commons is in place Tuesday, will be the members of parliament is sworn in. It is expected to take the rest of the day. The meeting will resume probably on Wednesday.

Johnson goes all in all, a busy week in the meeting. Thursday opened parliament formally of the queen after the british elections which were held on Thursday.

on Friday, the government will present a bill that paves the way for an approval of brexit in the house of Commons.

– We will submit a legislative proposal to ensure that we get the brexit voted through before the end of January. The bill will reflect the agreements reached with the EU on our withdrawal, said a government spokesman Monday.

With the conservatives strongest majority since 1987, it is expected that parliament will approve the law.

Tuesday, Boris Johnson, according to the BBC amend the proposal so that it is prohibited, to the transitional period with the EU will be extended beyond the agreed.

the Period expires at the end of 2020, but it can, as it seems now, be extended by one or two years.