The French vinlobby must have put pressure on the Macrons government in order not to lead the campaign for dry January.

In the silence of the French government has set up a campaign, which urges people not to drink alcohol in January.

It happens after pressure from the country’s big vinlobby, claim sources in the French movement against alcohol dependence.

health Minister Agnes Buzyn has publicly acknowledged that there is no agenda for a “White January” in 2020, when the first discussions in the government on action against alcohol abuse first takes place in February.

France has more addicted alcoholics inhabitants procentvist than other rich countries. The country is in third place per capita, when it comes to alcohol consumption, according to a new report from the OECD.

Buzyn says that the government has a campaign in the pipeline, but just not in the form of a non-alcoholic “White January”.

But according to the groups, who are fighting against alcohol dependence, it was the government’s original plan to encourage Betgram the population to keep a “white” month after the new year, and they are talking about, that the government has made a u-turn after pressure from lobbyists in the country’s many wine regions.

– There have been taken decisions in the scenes, which leads one to wonder. Even if there were already prepared budgets and initiated work for the development of a campaign, says Nathalie Latour from the French soberheds-confederation.

A website of Euronews writes that the discussions on a “White January” took off, when health authorities had announced a campaign after the british model for a “dry January”.

President Emmanuel Macron said during a visit to the wine district of Champagne some days ago, that he was strongly opposed to a campaign for a “White January”.

– the President said to us we could tell that there would be no dry January, says Maxime Toubart, as the leader champagneavlernes trade association website Vitisphere.

President of the Macron in the past has said that he drink wine at both lunch and dinner.

Each year, causing the alcohol to 41,000 deaths in France, according to figures from health authorities. The authorities ‘ advice to the French is to drink a maximum of two glasses of wine daily.