Denmark is well represented in the running to be nominated in the oscarkategorien Best Documentary.

Oscarhåbet lives of the Danish-syrian documentary “The Cave”.

It was clear at midnight on the night of Tuesday, as Oscar-the academy published its so-called shortlist of 15 movies, which can potentially receive the prize.

the Film is directed by syrian Feras Fayyad, who live in Denmark.

It is about a female doctor, who leads an underground hospital in the syrian province of Al-Ghouta.

At the company behind the film, Danish Documentary Productions, there is enthusiasm.

Here’s hoping that the film “can go all the way,” says producer Sigrid Dyekjær in a press release.

the Company has simultaneously helped to produce the German documentary “Aquarela”, which also is among the 15 films on the shortlisten for Best Documentary.

– To have two films on the list among world’s 15 leading documentary film is an achievement, as we certainly don’t come sleeping to, say, Sigrid Dyekjær in the message.

Feras Fayyad was in november honored at the Nordic Film Award 2019.

it was Here that both he and the film big roses in motiveringstalen from the jury.

– Feras Fayyad is an undeniable talent who has committed a work – “The Cave” – that hits deep in both thought and feeling and at the same time is a great cinematic experience, it sounded at the time.

the Film has Danish theatrical release 9. January.

towards the end york had to Feras Fayyad have been in the UNITED states to participate in the promotion for the film.

But according to the Danish Documentary Productions, he has not been allowed entry by the american authorities.

The circumstances around the refusal does not appear in the message.

But at Danish Documentary Productions, there is anger over the process, which is called the “very, very sad”, as the director, thus, do not get the opportunity to spread awareness of its movies in the u.s. market.

In January published the five oscarnominerede, and 9. February runs it 92. oscarshow place.