It costs thousands of tax dollars every time an accused person to report in sick.

Britta Nielsen disease only looks at the present time out to come to cost up to 93.000 euros.

The calculations show, Ekstra Bladet has made.

Community – 22. nov. 2019 – at. 09:04 Britta is sick again: Meetings not up in court

Friday, may defender, prosecutors, the presiding judge, magistrates, guard, protokolføreren, belonging and journalists meeting in vain up in the Copenhagen city district court of law 60.

Britta Nielsen was absent from today’s proceedings due to illness, which was announced shortly before the beginning of the hearing in the morning. Through his lawyer, Nima Nabipour stated she is right, that she could not give consent to the Friday’s trial continued without her presence.

this is The second time in the seven working days from the notification, to Britta Nielsen is prevented from meeting up in Copenhagen city Court on the grounds of illness.

it is Also the second time that the aforementioned players are gone in vain.

According to a reply response from justice minister Nick Hækkerup at the Danish Parliament, says that the expenses in connection with the cancellation and postponement of a domsmandssag in the average adds up to 10,000 dollars per day in operating costs and sagsrelarede expenses.

in Addition to the expenditure to guard, judges, lay judges and other operating expenses added expenses to forsvarsadvokaterne as well as the two prosecutors Kia’s and Lisbeth Louise Jørgensen.

In connection with the first of the two sick days, Britta Nielsen had sat there six defence lawyers at Britta Nielsen’s page.

They represented in addition to Britta Nielsen, her son, Jimmy Hayat, Britta Nielsen’s two daughters, Nadia and Karina Hayat, son-in-law Kian Mirzada, as well as a sixth man, whose name is subject to navneforbud.

According to the most recent inventory of x a fee scale for the defense lawyers can each of the lawyers because of the late cancellation look forward to receive up to 6.452,2 dollars each for the inconvenience.

Including vat running cost for the six lawyers up in more than 48.000 dkk.


Costs fall

the Lawyers in Britta Nielsen case, the applicant first on the back edge on the fee for their work in the case.

Then it is the court who decide whether the individual lawyer is entitled to get his fee.

Thus, the calculated amount will be lower, if the lawyers for Britta Nielsen’s family as well as the man with navneforbud have participated more in the commencement, than the court finds it justified.

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Smaller amount to the charges
At Friday’s hearing was only a defense attorney turned up in addition to Nima Nabipour. According to Ekstra calculations runs advokatomkostningerne up here in 16.131,25 crowns.

in Addition, two dagslønninger for specialanklager Kia’s and prosecutor Lisbeth Louise Jørgensen.

an earlier access to the Extra Leaf is in the possession of, it appears that Kia’s serve 2510 dollars a day, including pension.

Prosecutor Lisbeth Louise Jørgensen is two steps further down the ladder on the prosecution than the Kia’s.

Therefore, we assume that she earns around 2100 dollars a day, including pension.

Thus saith the overall perspective on the bill for the two wasted days in court on 93.351,25 crowns.

Nima Nabipour rejected on Friday after the cancelled hearing to comment further on Britta Nielsen’s health.

Loser Britta Nielsen case, she may be sentenced to pay the costs.

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