Politicians should bend the target of 70 percent CO2 reduction by 2030 and, instead, to think long term, think wise men.

The economic wise men to go against the klimamålet about 70 percent CO2 reduction by 2030. A goal that all parties in the Danish Parliament, with the exception of the New Civil stand behind.

It writes Berlingske.

The four economists, who together constitute the chairmanship of The Economic Council, estimates that it may be too expensive, if there is a sharp milestones on the way towards climate neutrality in 2050.

– the 2030 target, we see as something that must be the cheapest step on the path towards the 2050 goal of climate neutrality, ” says Lars Gårn Hansen, economic and environmental advisor and member of The Economic Council, the presidency.

– If it turns out that 65 per cent by 2030 is the cheapest way to reach climate neutrality in 2050, why should you pay more just to reduce the Danish emissions by 70 percent, he says to Berlingske.

In a new posting On The Economic Council website, it appears that the council recommend the government to keep detailed and binding intermediate milestones completely out of a future klimalov.

S government and its supporting parties are negotiating a klimalov with a binding framework for the Danish climate policy. The goal is Betticket to have it in place before christmas.

Subsequently landed a climate change plan. The need to concretise, what instruments the government will use in order to achieve the goal.

As the climate plan, in contrast to the klimaloven is not binding, it is in the that the government’s reduction target should be, as it will ensure greater room for maneuver, believes The Economic Council.

– This division of labor makes it easier to continuously incorporate new knowledge on the technological development, the EU’s climate policy and other matters, writes the council.

But if the goal of 70 percent reduction is kept out of the klimaloven, fear klimaordfører Signe Munk (SF), that too little is done in the short term.

– It is absolutely crucial for our climate, we get the goal written into klimaloven, so we take our part of the climate action seriously.

– If we every five years sets a target with a ten-year horizon, so we ensure that we are constantly being kept up to reduce our emissions of greenhouse gases, she says to Ritzau.