the Researchers do not understand it, but it happens time and time again:

Studies find that dental hygiene and heart problems in one way or another seems to hang together.

It could be a coincidence, or it could indicate that the disease and loss of teeth is associated with the cardiovascular system. But right now there is not any evidence of correlation.

It writes the Science Alert according to the

although several studies have shown a link between dental hygiene and heart problems, so has a studio from 2017, with nearly a million people found no link between loss of teeth and cardiovascular diseases.

One study is of course not enough to topple the whole idea, so there is a need for further research in this area – not least after a new study on the subject has just been published.

the Study, carried out among 161.286 people in Korea, has once again found that the brushing be linked to a lower risk of hjerteflimmer.

the Researchers followed the participants through 10,5 years. They conclude that adults between 40 and 79 years who brushed their teeth more than 3 times a day, had a 10 percent lower risk of hjerteflimmer and 12 percent lower risk of heart failure.

the Results were even independent of age, sex, socio-economic status, exercise, alcohol consumption, BMI, and other problems with health.

the Study’s conclusions are in tune with a study from last year, where researchers found that people who brush their teeth less than twice a day, had a tripled risk of having a heart attack.

at the Time warned a hjertelæge and professor emeritus at the University of California Ann Bolger, that the results did not show a causal link, but only a statistical coincidence. The result can, in fact, due to the fact that, there brushing your teeth, the general also is a better fit for themselves, he said.

Also in the day after the last study underlines two independent researchers in a newly published editorial, that it is still too early to deduce anything with certainty.

“Causally (causal link, red.) between these coincidences is unclear, and it is too early to recommend brushing as a prevention of hjerteflimmer and heart defects” ” write the two researchers Pascal Meyre and David Conen in the head.

In the leader, which is published in the journal European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, puts to the researchers, however, up for debate on whether coherence is perhaps worth investigating. the

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